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Crocodile Consulting, LLC, is a management consulting company. Our mission is to turn law firms into streamlined efficient and functional entities capable of competing in the 21st Century. Law firms are facing and will be facing many new challenges in the coming years. In order to stay or become competitive, good basic organizational principles need to be applied to law offices.

Our Management Consulting maximizes our client’s investment, dramatically increases their productivity, and achieves great success. We put more than thirty years of entrepreneurial and administrative experience to work and show our clients the way to a more profitable and rewarding practice.

With our creative thinking we help law firms solve a variety of problems and become more profitable. We give you the advantage of innovative and customized solutions for every area of your law practice.

We provide clients with creative management solutions to problems and develop information systems for informed decision-making.

We establish systems and procedures that help you stay on track, increase employee productivity, thereby solving problems that keep law firms from being successful and or reaching their full potential.

Specializing in innovative and customized solutions in the areas of: work flow procedures, document organization, staff evaluation and training, marketing, advertising, financial analysis, case management, & administrative procedures through the effective use of information systems, leading edge technological infrastructure & creative management solutions.

We alsWe also provide general Consulting services to law firms on: Business planning, process, needs assessment, scaling technology, implementation of new software, database management; best practices for planning and managing; software needs; changing trends; and best practices for organizational efficiency.

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