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Merge Files on Templetes

Merge codes are written in the hopes that they will properly merge the client's information into the document. However, sometimes the form has difficult spacing for the information fields, and therefore the merged data does not always fit correctly, depending on the length or letters of the merged item. There are several ways a person can edit these merge fields after the document is merged:

Edit or delete a merge field: double click the merge field to bring up a window where you can type what you want the field to say. It does not have to be any code at this point. Anything can be typed. Or click the merge field once to highlight it, and choose delete if you wish to completely erase the merge field. Neither of these operations will affect the template for the future.

Edit the spacing between letters: click the merge field once to highlight it, then go to "Format" (Up near "File" and "Edit") and choose "Font". Go to the tab for "Character Spacing". The line marked "Spacing" is what you will most likely want to edit if there is a problem. If it is expanded already, and needs to be adjusted, try expanding by a little more or a little less. Sometimes certain combinations of letters in the merged data will make it impossible to fit the form's spacing using this method. In that case, change the spacing back to "normal" in the drop-down menu, and edit the merge field (explained above) using spaces between individual characters.

Most of the information in the program can be merged into the SSA forms. However there is one form where the user must type in some of the information manually. The form is SSA 1699 and the information that is not stored in the program is the first, middle, and last name of the attorney, as well as his or her social security number. There are fields ready for this, so all the user must do is double click the field and type in the information.

Additionally, if a merged document has text that reads something like this: "<<tblContacts…" (anything with a "tbl" at the beginning), it signifies that the user must choose that table before merging the document. To do this, the user must click the Document Merge button in the usual manner. But on the screen where the user chooses the file to merge, he or she must also choose that table from a drop-down menu at the top of this window. Then the data from that table should merge correctly.

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New York Workers Compensation forms:
C300.5 - needs carrier code and name typed in manually
RFA-1 - needs the date of injury, the preparer's name and the preparer's phone
number typed in manually