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Re: Paperless Social Security Administration Filing

Winston-Salem, NC February 8, 2004 -The Social Security Administration (SSA) has already began transitioning toward a paperless filing system. In January 2004, from Atlanta, Georgia, the SSA launched a national roll-out of its Accelerated electronic Disability process (AeDIB). AeDIB consolidates claimant data, medical records and other paper files into condensed, electronic case folders. Using this new electronic disability collect system (EDCS), SSA field offices will be able to collect claim data electronically. AeDIB will be phased into SSA offices nation-wide over an 18 month schedule.

Since the SSA's improved system will make paper claims obsolete, Social Security Disability Lawyers will need to employ compatible case management software. Crocodile Consulting, LLC. is a leading legal consulting firm that offers Social Security Disability case management software tailored to meet the needs of any SSD practice.

Crocodile's SSD case management software stores and organizes all claimant information in a single interface. Crocodile's software is the only case management software designed exclusively for SSD practice. Users can view summaries of client information, analyze results by attorney performance or types of cases won, and merge client data into SSA or other types of forms. The software will save law firms time, increase profitability, and ease the transition to the AeDIB for SSD practitioners.

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Leonard Caldwell, Crocodile's President.