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Document Merge: An alternative way to create new templates!
Open Microsoft Word, from the upper toolbar, select FILE, then OPEN and find the location of your Social Security Templates (The default location is F:\TemplatesSSA). Open a template document that includes the MERGE FIELDS you wish to use in your new template document.
Once the template document is open, select FILE, then SAVE AS and rename the template document with a name that is suitable for the new template document and save it in the "TemplatesSSA" folder.
Next, open the document you want to use as a template, and COPY the text you wish to include in the new template document. Close this document and paste the new text over the old text in the new template document you created. Now you have a new template document to use with the Document Merge feature. Using this method you can utilize all of the various letters you have created in your practice and merge them with the client information you have entered into the software database.
Ok course, you can always use the "Create New Template" feature at the bottom of the Crocodile Consulting Document Creator form. You choose.

Utilizing the "Notes & Task Reports"
An effective way to keep track of all the "Must Do" each day is to print out a list each morning. Click on the "Notes & Tasks Reports" button on the right side of the Client Information form. From the "Notes & Tasks Reports" form, click on the "Tasks Due by TEAM MEMBER". This will open a report that will show all the tasks entered for each individual within the firm. Each person within the office can print out the page with their tasks list or an assigned person can print out all of the report pages and hand out the individual pages to each team member in the office

Label Merge
1. If the "qry8160 Labels" does not exist in your database you can create one by following these instructons.
A. From the Main Switchboard , minimize or resize the Main Switchboard, then maximize the SSClient icon normally located at the bottom left corner of the screen.
B. On the upper left side of the screen you will see a vertical list of names, starting with "Tables". Click on the word "Queries". In the toolbar above, select "New", from the "New Query" window, select "Design View".
a. From the "Show Table" window, highlight the "ClientData" table, then press "Add" button. This will add that table to the open area above the rows and columns. Close the "Show Table" window.
b. From the "ClientData" table select the fields you want to add to your query. Suggested are: FirstName, LastName, Street1, City, State, & PostalCode. You can add these fields by dragging and dropping them into the columns below or by double clicking on the field names themselves. When you are finished, from the toolbar, select "File", then select "Close". You will then be asked whether you want to save the query, select "Yes". The "Save As" window will appear, enter the name of the query as "qry8160 Labels".
C. Minimize the "SSClient" screen, then Maximize the Main Switchboard. You are now ready to proceed with creating or utilizing your "Label Merge 8160 Access" document.
You can either use the Microsoft Word document Label Merge 8160 Access or create one of your own.
2. Using the supplied document "Label Merge 8160 Access" follow these procedures:
A. From the toolbar Click on "Tools", then select "Customize", from the Customize Window, select the "Mail Merge" toolbar, then Close the window. You should now have the "Mail Merge" toolbar showing.
B. From the main toolbar, select "Tools", then select "Letters and Mailings", then select "Mail Merge Wizard", the Mail Merge Wizard should appear on the right side of your screen. From this window, select the "Select a different list" option. This will bring up a window where you can search for the Data Source for your Merge Document. Select the SSClient database on your workstation, then select the "qry8160 Labels". Then close the window.
C. The next option you have from the Mail Merge Wizard window is to "Edit recipient list" This will allow you to select which of the entries you want to include or delete from you Merge Document.
D. If the names and addresses do not appear in your Label Merge 8160 Access, document, select the <<ABC>> option button on the Mail Merge toolbar, this will cause the names and addresses to appear in your document.

A Special Thanks!
Thanks to Martha Wright of Bazzle & Carr in Hendersonville, NC who provided us with two RFC questionnaires, a Third Party Daily Activities questionnaire & HA-4632. Another thanks to Howard Olinsky of Olinsky & DiMartino in Oswego, NY who provided an Appeals Council letter. Finally a thanks to Jeffrey Randolph in Aptos, CA who provided a medical release form conforming to California state law.

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