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Office Space: First Impressions Are Lasting Ones


First impressions are lasting ones. This statement is true for personal interactions as well as a law firm's office space. Times are changing and so are trends. If a law firm is aspiring to be successful then they too will have to change with the times and trends in order to create an effective impression and efficient practice. The office space of a law firm can be manipulated to enhance the firm's success as well as personal interaction.

Behind the cost of salaries, office space is frequently a firm's largest expense (Wright, 2005). Keeping this in mind, it is critical that a firm utilizes this space in a proficient manner to maintain productivity, accuracy, and success. The office's role is not solely a place for client meetings, but rather a space in which the activity of work can be accomplished. Thus, if office space is operated to its capacity, it is likely that the work accomplished and success of the firm will produce a similar trend.

Maximizing the office space to its capacity can be as easy as addressing three key aspects: furniture, frames, and filing. The work environment plays inherent roles, one being its psychological effects on mood through atmosphere. The famous art of Fung Shui practice by the Chinese strategically places furniture and pictures when decorating a room. The idea is to create a sense of chi, or flow of energy, thus a peaceful feeling within the room. Color schemes are also implemented to help maximize the energy in the space. This falls into the second aspect, frames. Visual pieces are significant when setting up an office, whether from an employee or client point of view. These elements are seen daily by employees and leave impressions with the client. Make sure not to over do it, but on the other hand if the walls and desks are bare the office sends off a colder impression. On the other hand, too much going on can send out a sense of chaos. One should work to achieve a balance between sophistication and welcoming. Lastly, the filing; don't be afraid to toss the old cabinets and use the computers. Although this may seem difficult at first, in reality it's a time, money, and stress saver. Tossing the paper will not only free up space, but increase accuracy and organization. As a safety precaution, back up files on discs or memory sticks. Having a small shelf of backed up files on discs is a more space efficient than tons of paper documents and filing cabinets.

Implementing these changes in the office can do wonders for all. Impressions do matter, and when it comes to clients, the presentation of the office is typically one of the fist impressions they have. By creating an environment to enhance the energy and efficiency work can be productive, save money, and create a better area for the entire staff. . Last but not least, by taking these steps to change the office space, the firm's success is likely to change for the better as well. The internal aspects will provide a positive environment for workers, as well as work organization and time efficient documentation.

The manipulation of office space can enhance a law firm's success as well as interaction. The change might not be able to be done in one day, but look around the office, check out the three f's: furniture, frames, and filing. It's a new day, is the office up and ready?

By: Kelley Vargo
Crocodile Consulting, LLC. staff