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Celebrating Our Collaborators: DDS Adjudicators in Nashville Donate to End Homelessness


Nashville, TN: Ashley Blum, Homeless Outreach Coordinator at Park Center, shared this inspiring story. DDS staff who work with the SOAR Claims SWAT Team in Nashville are regular attendees at SOAR Network meetings. This time around, DDS brought their physician, Dr. Larry Welch, in charge of reviewing the mental health aspects of SOAR claims, to meet the Network and provide feedback. The SWAT Team also provided a donation to the "How's Nashville" campaign (Nashville’s version of the 100K Homes campaign). SWAT Team members are so dedicated to helping this population that they took up a collection of their own money to contribute, in addition to the time and effort they put into supporting SOAR. We sometimes forget that DDS and SSA staff share our desire to end homelessness in the communities in which they live.